The radar WRCP-1 has an antenna of diameter 4800mm, height 280mm and weight 7.4kg; ideal for transporting in a small briefcase or backpack. The entire unit with communication box + laptop weighs 12kg. A desktop PC is available for permanent locations.

The WRCP-1 is designed for maximum portability and to withstand vibration and dust, etc during transport.




The broadband radar technology is 100% solid state with InstaOn™ technology, and is operational within 16 seconds. Its rapid rotation of 24-36 rpm provides detailed monitoring information from the precipitation cell. The WRCP-1 has no rival at a short range, due to its low power consumption and 12-24 V DC supply. Power consumption: 1.45A (20W@13.8V DC); Wait 170mA (2.5W).

The WRCP-1 radar is proposed as the best equipment for real-time monitoring of weather conditions in areas of complex topography. It can be used for applications in urban areas and for monitoring canoeing or rafting routes, for zonal information about the possibility of local storms, for example. The storm cell tracking response is very rapid due to the high processing speed of the antenna, compared with larger radars.

The WRCP-1 is delivered as an easy installation unit, consisting of an antenna, a connection box and a PC with SWRCP-V.01 software. Its easy installation, connection and operation require no training, and it is ideal for learning about weather radar systems.