SLIM2-Mobile Vibrators

Quick-release-vibrators are used wherever many moulds exist, but where each individual mould is used only rarely. The new SLIM2 quick-release-vibrator by Brecon is characterised by a reduction in weight of up to 25 % and outstanding handling.




The new Schnellspannrüttler SLIM2 reveals his mobility at first glance. At second glance, the comprehensive innovations of Schnellspannrüttlers with 14kN and 6000rpm are clear:

  • The SLIM2 weighs less than comparable units with the ability to synchronous operation (eg SL vibrators) with only 18.9 kg up to 25%.
  • The low weight and optimized for the transport handles can move two SLIM2 Jogger simultaneously from form to form a worker.
  • The change from one form of eg 12 vibrators to the next is in about 10-15 min possible, much faster than any other quick-release system.

But even at the onset of the mold, the optimal arrangement of the handles supports the smooth workflow. The vibrator can be quickly and safely used, the already BOSCH vibrators for decades proven quick-release mechanism has been maintained.

Of course, many other vibrators can be used with this system.

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