Low Frequency Vibrators

Low frequency industrial vibrators generate larger amplitudes combined with small, medium to very high forces. Since they can be connected directly to the main power supply (50 or 60 Hz) they do not require a frequency converter or control. That makes them useful for a wide range of applications in all industries.




Dry Cast Concrete

Dry cast concrete compaction is a extreme rough applications, ideal for BRECON high quality vibrators to unfold their full potential and high reliability.

Conveying and sieving

The functionality and choice of the external vibrators at the conveying and sieving is identical and therefore is looked at together also (The external vibrator is only used differently at sieving). At conveying and sieving the working conditions are rough, large material quantities have to be processed and little room is available for the vibration drive.

Loosening and breaking up

BRECON external vibrators are also used for the collapse of bulk material arches in silos or other containers in which the bulk materials (e.g. sand, lime, cement, coal, cereals etc.) are kept before her further processing. The friction between the material particles is reduced by the vibration caused by the external vibrator and the adhesive forces between silo wall and bulk material are overcome. There are two kinds of bulk material arches: Bridge and shaft formation.