IMS Mine Door

IMS Mine Door High Pressure Mine Door
IMS South Africa with and assists every customer to help determine the best solution for your specific application. We take into consideration the width, height, water gauge, service requirements, budget, and application to offer the most economical and effective solution for your ventilation door needs.




Operation and Design of the

IMS Mine Ventilation Door

This unique design feature allows our mine doors to withstand many inches of water gauge pressure. The same air pressure that assists the door in opening also assists it in closing. Consequently, air pressure is equalized. Ramp slope effects are cancelled as one door wing operating downhill aids the other wing uphill. Due to the equal force principal, our mine doors can be installed in almost any slope application. To assure maximum lifetime value, our mine doors are reusable, and can be easily moved from one Location to another.

Safety Features

Safety is everyone’s top priority at IMS. We have incorporated safety into the design of our doors by risk assessments during design, engineering and controls. Below are some benefits of using our mine doors:

  • Doors were designed to cancel the effects of static pressure by incorporating our “opposing wing” design. Making the pressure on the door system equal out significantly reduces potential stored energy concerns.
  • Optional Traffic control using lighting systems, alarms, surface control, remote control systems, sonic sensors/ photo sensors (identify objects within the path of the door wing closure) and bump panels are all examples of available safety options to our customers.
  • Custom controls packages designed to fit your specific needs. We can design a system to control almost any situation unique to your situation.
  • Door packages are painted (powder coated) high visibility safety yellow. Reflective striping as an available option.
  • Optional man-door escape ways installed within the door wing.
  • Optional air regulators installed into door wing.
  • In the event of a power failure, our door packages can still open and close with stored energy