High Frequency External Vibrators

BRECON high frequency industrial vibrators generate amplitudes from 6.000 rpm for standard wet-cast applications, up to 9.000-12.000 rpm for specific requirements.




BRECON high frequency vibrators generate amplitudes from 6.000 r.p.m. for standard wet-cast applications and up to 9.000-12.000 r.p.m. for specific requirements like e.g. in large concrete pipe forms.

Wet cast concrete only consolidates at frequencies between 4.500 and 6000rpm with a proper quality. Just the right frequency guarantees a perfect compaction without the risk of disaggregation. With a variable drive it is possible to determine the optimum frequency where the concrete consolidates in shortest time and with highest density.

The ideal frequency for each mixture can be adjusted by frequency inverters that are indispensible for operating high frequency vibrators. The highest quality can be reached with our Synchronous External Vibrators.

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