Group 42

A versatile, compact design, advanced electronics, and Beck reliability all highlight the new Group 42 linear actuator. Beck’s all-new Group 42 actuators are designed to meet the actuation needs of long stroke linear applications. Typical applications include burner registers and OFA port dampers, but they can be used on any application requiring up to 18 inches of linear stroke. Like all Beck drives, the Group 42 is designed for reliability and simple installation, no duty cycle limitations, excellent performance, and little or no required maintenance.




The Group 42 is available with modulating analog control or direct AC control. Ideally suited for harsh industrial environments, the Group 42 handles long stroke applications requiring up to 1,000 lbs. of thrust. The design employs a highly efficient ball screw coupled with a time-proven Beck motor and offers consistent, repeatable positioning as precise as 0.1% of span. Like all Beck drives, the Group 42 incorporates a heavy-duty, weatherproof, cast aluminum body.

  • Group 42 Linear Actuators

    » Model 42-109

    » Model 42-107, 42-105, 42-103